Sunday, May 15, 2005


Of course I knew they would be coming. But in a way I still didn’t believe it. I pictured the Esztergom streets with green trees and nice temperatures and just as crowded as they were during the colder spring months. Terrases with a choice of empty seats. No noise apart from the rolling wheels of skateboards on the small stone bridge and an occasional dog barking.
I am not naive. I knew the warm weather would bring them. However I was hoping they wouldn’t come untill I could imagine them here. But they sneeked in. And now they won’t go away anymore.
Am I being egoïstic? Not at all. I don’t mind them being there, as long as they are gone when I pass by. I want to be the only one walking along the water, admiring the beautiful old buildings, sitting on a bench in the square in front of the Belgium restaurant. Drinking coffee at my favourite terras (they have great cakes too!), walking the off centre streets. Okay, a few I don’t mind. As long as they don’t bring along that ridiculous tourist train, a childish version of a real one but crammed with middle aged men and women, too lazy to walk the cobbled streets. Mocking this beautiful city.


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