Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Spring has defenitely started. Pregnant women are out on the streets carrying big bellies. In the last few days friends of mine gave birth to two new world citizens. The woodpeckers have cut out a nest in the big chestnut tree in the courtyard. A man proudly drove his harley davidson around the park this morning and from my window I spot people carrying big backpacks and cars with luggage carriers on their roofs: the tourists are coming!

Suddenly there appears to be a nice sunny terras behind a door I have never seen open before, a new shop selling icecreams pops up in the main street playing the cheerful song “I’m walking on sunshine”, women wear skirts which are actually suited for a temperature we didn’t experience yet.

The level of the Danube is still high. No beachwalks yet, but strolling along the dikes is possible. Couples in love sit on sunny stones or block the small path, having only eyes (and lips) for each other.


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