Monday, February 21, 2005


The first time I visited the green pub I thought it wasn’t the place for me. The place itself was nice, the beers wonderfull, but the music ............. I don’t mind some heavy music from time to time, but all the time is too much for me. I thought it was a pity. Although there was a small crowd of “heavy dudes” around, there were families and young lovers as well. Was it the bartenders favorite?
One of the leather dressed man moved to the far end corner of the pub from time to time. As I followed him with my eyes I discovered a huge jukebox.
I had forgotten about jukeboxes. You rarely see them in Holland and if you do, they’re usually some sort of decoration. But here it was. A real jukebox. A magic machine for a democratic environment. You can choose what you want to hear. A least if you give it a little effort and you can spare a little money. 2 songs for 10 Sk, that means 8 songs for 1 €. I thought it was a bargain.
I threw in the money and chose a ridiculous song belonging to an amazing film and a beautiful one played by a 1st class band. The waiting began. You never know how many songs are ahead of yours. And then, just as you had forgotten about your favorite music, it happens.

From time to time the Beatles arose. Who was the big fan? The shy guy in the corner? The middle aged party on the far side of the room? A heavy dude with a soft spot? The girl in black? Or was she the one reliving her teens with some nostalgic melodies by the Cure? (I admit, I crumbled too.)
The leather men were the biggest music lovers. And there was no end to their small money. The Beatles admirer was no match for them. I thought about a jukebox with a “silence” button on it. But what should the name of the band performing it be? God? Nature? John Cage?
I’m saving my coins now. Next time I’ll choose the softest song in the machine and play it 50 times. And if the leather folks hate me for that I’ll buy them a beer and dance on their table.


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