Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Screaming trees all day long. I can’t stand the sight of it. Years and years it took them to grow this magnificant and then one small man with a big electric saw takes them down within the hour.
One tree took its revenge and destroyed an electricity cable on its way down. Our electricity cable. Instead of drinking my morning coffee and working on my computer, I’m thinking of trees. My hair is slowly turning green.

When evening falls I go out to take some photos. Standing in front of the city hall with my camera and tripod, a police car drives by. I realise I left my passport at home. I realise I might look suspicious. My nerves wake up and my fear frightens me, even though it is only small fear.
Even in Holland we have to carry an identity card these days. What world are we living in?

I go home, get my passport and continue my shooting. The police car drives by again. They are not interested in me.


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