Saturday, January 22, 2005


Today was the day of the big ball, held for all citizens of Stúrovo/Parkany and Esztergom. About 120 local people and two Dutch citizens gathered in the Culture House. Many meters of black velvet, coloured silk and gold necklaces.
An unknown phenomenon for us, big city dutchies, but for these people a welcome way to lighten the long and dark wintermonths. Like caterpillars these people take of their grimy faceless clothes and dress themselves in conspicious garments to glitter and shine on the dancefloor.
Actually it is just like in the old days. The very old days, when the nobility amused themselves by meeting each other in the ballroom. Probably (hopefully!) the music was different then.
There was a tombola and Albert bought a lot of tickets but had forgotten we hadn’t learned the Hungarian numbers yet.
I took my camera but forgot to take my memory card (I had a digital day) so all the images are left in their heads and mine only.

Important tip for the next winter bridge guard: bring an evening gown! Or perhaps we can set up a bridge guard wardrobe for unexpected special events.


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