Thursday, January 13, 2005


Today I planted my tulips at the other side, I expanded my territory all the way up to the Basilica of Esztergom. For more than 1.000 years this has been the seat of Roman Catholicism. The country’s first King, St. Stephen, was born here and it was the royal seat from the late 10th to mid 13th century. Esztergom has both great spiritual and temporal significance for most Hungarians.

Every afternoon at 16.30 sharp a song is being played and send out into the world from the majestic rock on which the basilica is build. It is a Hungarian nationalistic song and therefore some people on this side despise it. 16.30 is the exact time when the treaty was signed by which Hungary lost two third of its territory after WWI.
It is a sad song, a lonely flute, a melancholic sound. To me it is beautiful. Because it is only music. Although it can be used as a symbol, as a nationalistic mean, in itself it is only music. And it is beautiful music indeed.


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